System Upgrades and Custom Solutions

It's a fact: Irrigation needs change over time. As shrubs and trees grow larger, irrigation lines should be moved to the outside perimeter to allow for proper watering of new feeder roots. As the seasons change, watering schedules and the duration of watering also changes. Blue Star Irrigation can evaluate your system, and determine if it is time for an upgrade.

As your needs grow it may be necessary to replace the emitter heads so that the proper amount of water is being delivered to each component of your landscaping. Remember, proper watering is essential for the overall health of your landscape. Custom irrigation systems can also be designed to help with more unique projects.

If you are considering adding a new flower bed or an additional section to your garden, contact Blue Star Irrigation. We can help over the full life of your landscaping and garden watering needs.


For more information on we can help with your irrigation system upgrades, contact us today!

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