Seasonal Maintenance Plans

Have you invested in an irrigation system to deliver a timely and efficient water delivery to your landscaping? No matter how “maintenance free” these solutions may seem, your irrigation system requires some inspection and repair periodically. We offer several seasonal maintenance plans to fit your specific needs.

Protect your investment with a maintenance plan!

From broken sprinkler and drip heads to leaky pipes and fittings, Blue Star Irrigation offers several custom maintenance packages and will help you find the right one for your needs. You will have peace of mind knowing your system is operating efficiently and effectively. Our maintenance plans include:

Bronze Package

Spring Start Up

$10 month

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Silver Package

Spring Start Up
One Leak Repair
$15 month

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Gold Package

Spring Start Up
Two Leak Repairs
$20 month

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Maintenance Services Include

Winterize Irrigation - Turning off the water source and timer to your irrigation, bleeding out the pressure and water from the irrigation lines. Also, bleeding out the water in all the existing valves. Lastly, removing water inside the backflow preventers.

Spring Startup - Turning on the water source to the existing irrigation. Also, setting the timer to the desired watering schedule. Lastly, ensuring that the irrigation is functioning properly.

Irrigation Leak Repair - Any leak that is a part of the irrigation and is after the valve box.


For more information on any of our irrigation system maintenance plans, contact us today!

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