Irrigation System Winterization

Many plants are dormant through the winter months and may not need to be regularly irrigated. But even when not in use, there is water left in your irrigation system. When temperatures drop, water left in your system can freeze, and the expansion can crack not only your irrigation pipes, but the valves as well. Don't let the cold weather take a toll on your irrigation system. Protect your investment - let Blue Star Irrigation winterize your system and help you avoid costly repairs.

As mentioned, there is so much more than just turning off the water source to prevent damage from freezing in the winter. We also disable the timer to your irrigation, bleed out the pressure and remove the water from all irrigation lines and all the existing valves. Lastly, we remove water inside the backflow preventers.

Your irrigation and landscaping is an investment. Protect that investment with winterization! We take the guesswork out of when to schedule this service. Be sure to sign up for our maintenance system programs to never worry about it again.


To learn more about winterizing your irrigation system or to schedule service, contact us today!

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