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Blue Star Irrigation is your local Prescott irrigation specialist. We focus on all aspects of your watering system from the box out. Don’t pay an expensive plumber to come out to fix your system. There is an easier way - contact us today!


Inspection and Repair

Do you have an irrigation system for your home or commercial landscaping? These systems can save you time, money and help to protect the investment you have made in your landscaping. These systems should have regular inspections and repair. We know you are busy with life or your business; let us handle this for you.

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Design and Installation

Many of the homes in Prescott fall into two categories: old homes that have had no irrigations systems with vegetation that requires daily care, and new construction waiting for just the right system to properly provide water to growing roots. We can help! We install only the best systems to insure your investment is protected against the consequences of living in Arizona.

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System Upgrades and Custom Solutions

Irrigation needs change over time. As shrubs and trees grow larger, irrigation lines should be moved to the outside perimeter to allow for proper watering of new feeder roots. As the seasons change, watering schedules and the duration of watering also changes. Blue Star Irrigation can evaluate your system, and determine if it is time for an upgrade.

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Seasonal Maintenance Plans

Have you invested in an irrigation system to deliver a timely and efficient water delivery to your landscaping? No matter how “maintenance free” these solutions may seem, your irrigation system requires some inspection and repair periodically. We offer several seasonal maintenance plans to fit your specific needs.

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Many plants are dormant through the winter months and may not need to be regularly irrigated. But even when not in use, there is water left in your irrigation system. When temperatures drop, water left in your system can freeze, and the expansion can crack not only your irrigation pipes, but the valves as well. Don't let the cold weather take a toll on your irrigation system. Protect your investment - let Blue Star Irrigation winterize your system and help you avoid costly repairs.

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If you need quality and affordable irrigation services, Blue Star Irrigation is your company. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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