Design and Installation

Many of the homes in Prescott fall into two categories: old homes that have had no irrigation systems with vegetation that requires daily care, or new construction waiting for just the right system to properly provide water to growing roots. We can help! We install only the best systems to insure your investment is protected against the consequences of living in Arizona.


Lawn installation

Our landscaping services also include the installation of new sod. Once new sod is installed, the key to a healthy lawn is head to head watering. Blue Star Irrigation ensures that every sprinkler head is reaching the other sprinkler heads with the least amount of water runoff or waste.


Timer installation and repair

An irrigation system is designed to maintain your landscape without the need to manually oversee it. Blue Star Irrigation can install the right timer for your landscape needs and program it so that every part of your landscape is cared for. Our timer installation also includes timer training for our homeowners.


Install drip systems

A drip system is a very efficient way to deliver water evenly, slowly and under low pressure. Drip systems encourage plant roots to grow downward into the soil, directly into the plant’s root zone. Since traditional irrigation systems cover a broad area, a drip irrigation system is good for narrow or odd-shaped areas. A drip system also prevents water waste from runoff and is able to water each plant where it needs it. Blue Star Irrigation can design and install a drip system specifically tailored to water all your plants, shrubs, and garden areas.


Install Rain Sensor

You could start conserving water today! Blue Star Irrigation can install a rain sensor that will not only turn your irrigation off to help conserve water but once the sensor has dried, it will also turn your irrigation back on. Imagine the amount of money you will save, especially during monsoon season.


We provide many design and installation services. If you are looking for a custom solution, contact us today to see how we can help!

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